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Whether you’re learning the language to travel, for school or university, to improve your career,  for personal advancement, or just for fun, you’ll love learning with Langly.

Why Langly?

Deep Knowledge

Practice reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills step-by-step based on the academic course by our partner, Oxford University.

Inventive Technology

Langly the robocat is a product of science and so is our app! We use innovative technologies such as AI for speech generating and customizing your learning experience.


Progress with every Chapter of the game fast and easy and get satisfied by checking your newly acquired language skills.

The Story

Langly is the first storytelling English teaching game. You will follow the mysterious journey of the main characters in the USA and around the world, and help them solve mysteries and unlock secrets along the way. 

The story behind it all

Julia, a young student, gets a mysterious box delivered to her house. This unusual event is the beginning of a long journey, bringing new friends, adventure, unexpected twists and English language skills!

This can be your story, too, when you download our app and meet Langly the robocat. Have fun with Langly as he teaches you and Julia the Oxford English course… and gets in and out of trouble!


  • What is Langly?

    Langly is an application for learning English in a gamified way. The application is distributed free to play for all users. At this stage, Langly is in beta testing, so your feedback is especially important to us.

  • How exactly will Langly help me?

    At the end of one game season, Langly gives the user a personal certificate, of knowledge and skills. Each game season (first, second, third...) corresponds to one level of English proficiency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2).

  • How will I acquire knowledge and skills?

    The learning process is based on the experience of a visual novel. This game tells the story of Julia Summers and Langly -- a robocat and an English teacher.
    This game experience consists of a set of educational game levels, each of which is divided into three main parts:

    - Theory part.
    - Practice part.
    - History part.

    In addition to learning grammar and vocabulary skills, the player will also discover everything that happens to Julia and Langley outside of the lessons. At certain points in the game, the user chooses one of Julia's responses and the story reacts to his or her choice, so players have a direct influence on how the story will unfold.

  • What is a Langly Adventure?

    An adventure is a series of game levels. It has:

    - Seasons (each one corresponds to standard language levels A1, A2, B1, etc.)
    - Episodes (sets of lessons with a mandatory test at the end)
    - Chapters (a set of lessons with 3-5 learning themes on topics, grammar and new words)
    - Scenes (basic game level).

    Users can return to any part of the game history whenever they like.

  • Is my personal information safe?

    Yes, Langly takes your privacy seriously. When you set up your account, you choose a username and provide us with an email address, which is not seen to the public. It is also possible to sign up using your Google or Apple accounts.

  • How does Langly test my English knowledge?

    At the end of each Episode, there is a quiz. The quiz consists of several categories: Reading, Writing, Listening and in some episodes, Speaking as well.

  • Can I get a certificate from Langly?

    Yes, you can. Our teaching methods are based on the Oxford Wide Angle Course.

  • What is the Oxford Wide Angle Course?

    Wide Angle is a six-level American English course that teaches English for the real world. This course equips learners with the tools to uncover and master the hidden rules of English so they can respond appropriately in any situation.

  • What is the Theory part of the course?

    The Theory section teaches you how to use English grammar, in a clear and simple manner. Also, you’ll find the best Conversational Topics for English Language Learning in the Theory part.

  • What is the Practice part of the course?

    The Practice part is great fun. Users will apply and practice your theoretical knowledge through a collection of fun and interesting games.

  • What is a WorkBook?

    Your WorkBook is your personal space. The WorkBook is divided in three parts: Vocabulary, Theory and Story. Here you can add new words to your vocabulary, and revise grammar or the story itself. 

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