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Welcome to Langly! You will be kept motivated while learning or improving your English skills, whether you are a teenager or an adult. The diversity and constant update of new learning techniques and interactive activities will let you approach the process from a completely different angle.

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  • 15.05.2023

    Alguém Aleatória

    Aaaaaa mto bom vey

    Aliás tô apaixonada no robozinho, muito fofo😂😍. In fact I’m in love with the robot, very cute😂😍

  • 05.05.2023

    Yanett Taboada


    Recién he comenzado a usarlo y me parece muy entretenido… vamos a ver cómo vamos. I just started using it and I find it very entertaining... let’s see how we go

  • 05.05.2023



    Es la mejor aplicación que he tenido para aprender inglés. It’s the best app I’ve ever had to learn English

  • 27.04.2023


    entretenidas y fáciles de seguir

    Las historias son muy entretenidas y fáciles de seguir. A mi hijo le gusta mucho jugar y aprender con la app, ha sido de mucha ayuda en sus estudios. ¡Ahora los dos practicamos a diario y hemos aprendido mucho en poco tiempo!‌The stories are very entertaining and easy to follow. My son likes to play and learn with the app, he has been very helpful in his studies.

  • 25.04.2023


    Buena aplicación para aprender

    Una aplicación simple de manejar y dinámica para el aprendizaje. A simple to use and dynamic application for learning

  • 26.04.2023

    mcdonald whittaker


    Me encanta porque es un juego donde aprendes a hablar inglés, lo cual lo hace muy entretenido. No son lecciones aburridas, siempre quieres seguir avanzando y aprender más y más. Lo recomiendo, sobre todo si tienes hijos, ¡amarán esta aplicación! I love it because it is a game where you learn to speak English, which makes it very entertaining. They are not boring lessons, you always want to keep going and learn more and more. I recommend it, especially if you have children, they will l

  • 06.04.2023


    Totalmente recomendable

    Totalmente recomendable. La instalé hace unos días y he aprendido mucho vocabulario. Mi nivel de inglés es bastante básico, y me ha ayudado mucho a mejorarlo en poco tiempo. ¡Es un 10/10!‌‌ Totally recommended. I installed it a few days ago and learned a lot of vocabulary. My English level is quite basic, and it has helped me a lot to improve it in a short time. It’s a 10/10!

  • 02.04.2023



    Me encanta porque te permite interactuar y puedes oír y escribir al mismo tiempo. I love it because it allows you to interact and you can hear and write at the same time

  • 18.03.2023


    Curso de ingles

    Muy divertido y parece fácil de seguir. Very funny and seems easy to follow

  • 17.03.2023

    Lovett Freund

    Una app educativa y divertida para mis hijos

    Me gusta esta app. El contenido es muy bueno y mantiene a mis hijos entretenidos. Es muy interactiva, con una buena animación. Los personajes, el juego, todo es entretenido y educativo. I like this app. The content is very good and keeps my kids entertained. It’s very interactive, with good animation. The characters, the game, everything is entertaining and educational

Rating and Rewiews


out of 5


  • 14.05.2023

    Felipe Tambriz


    Gracias, estoy aprendiendo de manera interesante. Thank you, I am learning in an interesting way.

  • 05.05.2023

    Yusdany Moscat Piña

    Es muy buena

    Me encanta la app, es muy buena, y tiene ejercicios que te ayudan a ejercitar tus habilidades aprendidas en el idioma, además de la buena ortografía que tiene. Excelente! I love the app, it's very good, and it has exercises that help you exercise your skills learned in the language, in addition to the good spelling it has. Excellent!

  • 27.04.2023

    Fahad Aftab

    Un método de aprendizaje interactivo

    Las lecciones están diseñadas con un método de aprendizaje interactivo, que ayuda a los usuarios a mejorar sus habilidades de escuchar, hablar, leer y escribir en inglés. Langly también tiene una función de práctica de pronunciación muy buena, que ayuda a los usuarios a pronunciar cada sílaba correctament. The lessons are designed with an interactive learning method, which helps users improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English. Langly also has a very nice pronuncia

  • 25.04.2023

    charlie manganga

    divertidas e interactivas

    Langly es la mejor aplicación para aprender idiomas que he usado. Las lecciones son divertidas e interactivas, y los comentarios personalizados me han ayudado a mejorar mis habilidades rápidamente. Langly is the best language learning app I've ever used. The lessons are fun and interactive, and the personalized feedback has helped me improve my skills quickly.

  • 15.05.2023

    José Miguel Rangel Morales

    ¡App Increíble!

    Me encanta esta app i love this app

  • 22.04.2023

    Florencia Do Santos

    Excelente en pronunciación

    Me encantó... tiene fonética eso está bueno, para saber bien como debes pronunciar la palabra!! I loved it... it has phonetics, that's good, to know how you should pronounce the word!!

  • 12.05.2023

    Yader Avendaño

    Excepcionalmente buena

    Muy buena, excelente. very good, excellent

  • 10.05.2023

    Roberto Garcia Santana

    I like it

    It's a Great app I like it

  • 16.04.2023

    Chantal Jazmine Hinojosa Encarnacion

    genial y dinámica

    Super genial esta aplicación, sumamente dinámica. Super cool this application, extremely dynamic

  • 03.04.2023

    felton gasmen

    increíble para aprender inglés

    La aplicación ofrece una variedad de características útiles, que incluyen lecciones interactivas, ejercicios de vocabulario y cuestionarios. Con una interfaz fácil de usar y contenido atractivo, Langly hace que aprender inglés sea fácil y divertido. 🤩🤩🤩🤩 The app offers a variety of useful features, including interactive lessons, vocabulary exercises, and quizzes. With a user-friendly interface and engaging content, Langly makes learning English easy and fun. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

for all ages

For Teenagers

Langly provides a balanced development of all the necessary English skills and knowledge while playing, doing a variety of interactive activities on a storytelling background.

For Exam Preparation

Prepare for exams and achieve high marks while enjoying the learning experience. Learning can be fun and exciting when you have the right tools and resources.


For Adults

Langly app provides engaging language activities to improve your English skills and increase your business, employment and travel opportunities.

For Work & Travel

Whether you want to enhance your communication abilities, or simply enjoy learning a new language, Langly can help by offering a variety of interactive exercises to improve your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Your English Improvement Is Accessible and Productive

Learn English with Langly. It is free and easily accessible to everyone and everywhere. All you need is just the Internet connection.

The Story behind it all

Julia, a young student, gets a mysterious box delivered to her house. This happens to be the beginning of a long journey, bringing with it new friends, adventure, unexpected turns and… the English language!

This can be your story too if you download our app and meet Langly the robocat who teaches you and Julia an Oxford English course while getting her into troubles and finding the way out of them!


  • What is Langly?

    Langly is a free, gamified application that uses AI technology for learning English language arts. The app provides a fun and engaging way to practice English language skills. We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts with us as we continue to improve and develop Langly.

  • How exactly will Langly help me?

    At the end of each game season, Langly provides users with a certificate of completion. Each season corresponds to a level of English proficiency according to CEFR (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2).

  • How will I acquire knowledge and skills?

    The Langly language app offers a unique learning experience based on a visual novel. Players embark on a journey with Julia Summers and Langly, which is an English-teaching robocat. You will go through a series of educational game levels divided into three main parts: 

    - Theory part
    - Practice part 
    - Story part

    In addition to learning essential grammar and vocabulary, players will discover Julia and Langly's story outside of lessons. The game offers interactive opportunities where players can choose Julia's responses, influencing the outcome. The app provides its users with an engaging and immersive way to increase their English language proficiency.

  • What is the Langly Adventure?

    The adventure in Langly is a series of game levels designed to help users learn English. It consists of seasons, episodes, chapters, and scenes. Each season corresponds to a standard CEFR language level, such as:

    - Seasons (each one corresponds to standard language levels A1, A2, B1, etc.)
    - Episodes (sets of lessons with a mandatory test at the end)
    - Chapters (a set of lessons with 3-5 learning topics, grammar and vocabulary)
    - Scenes (basic game level).

    Users have the flexibility to return to any part of the game story whenever they like.

  • Is my personal information safe?

    Yes, Langly takes your privacy seriously. As in any innovative language learning app, when you set up your account, you choose a username and provide us with an email address, which is not seen by the public. It is also possible to sign up using your Google or Apple accounts.

  • How does Langly test my English knowledge?

    At the end of each Episode in Langly, users will do a comprehensive quiz designed to assess the skills acquired in various language art categories such as Reading, Writing, Listening, and in some cases, Speaking as well as Grammar and Vocabulary. This quiz serves as a valuable tool for learners to follow their progress and identify areas for improvement.

  • Can I get a certificate from Langly?

    Yes, after passing the Final Test successfully, you will receive the certificate of completion.

  • What is the Oxford Wide Angle Course?

    Wide Angle is an innovative six-level American English course designed to teach English in a practical and engaging way, with a focus on real-life situations. This course equips learners with the tools to uncover and master the often overlooked nuances and subtleties of the English language, allowing them to respond confidently and communicate effectively in any situation.

  • What is the Theory part of the course?

    The Theory section of Langly teaches you some useful rules in a clear and simple manner.

  • What is the Practice part of the course?

    The Practice part provides great fun. Users will apply and practice their theoretical knowledge through a collection of engaging and exciting games.

  • What is the WorkBook?

    Your WorkBook is your personalized learning space within the Langly language app. It is divided into three parts: 

    - Vocabulary
    - Theory
    - Story

    In the Vocabulary section, you can add new words to your personal word bank, which you can review and practice at any time.

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