The Langly key product

a freemium educational game that aims to assist users in studying the English language in an engaging and exciting manner. By combining Social Emotional Learning and gamification techniques, Langly transforms the traditional perception of learning, transforming it from a mandatory and often boring process to an enjoyable experience.


Vitalii Petrosyan - Langly INC CEO

Vitalii Petrosyan

He is an experienced Entrepreneur, StartUp Mentor, Angel Investor with a background in the IT industry spanning over 10 years. He has established and co-established several IT companies across various countries, including Armenia, Estonia, Moldova, and Switzerland. At present, he holds key positions as CEO and CBDO for 8 active IT projects in industries such as mobile productivity, EdTech, eCommerce, and crypto.

Our team

Langly Inc. is a dynamic startup company specializing in EdTech products, powered by a team of highly skilled professionals who are passionate about innovation and creativity. The team is led by a CEO with a wealth of experience in application development, who has identified a crucial need in modern society for a high-quality English language learning application, which has led to the creation of the Langly App.

At Langly Inc. the main mission is to create and deliver a unique user experience that makes English learning both fun and accessible. As an international startup, Langly has assembled a top-notch team of professionals who are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and innovation. The team's diverse range of experiences enables them to draw on the best global practices from various business areas, from product and storyline development to product and business management processes.

Anton Shvets - CFO at Langly INC
Anton Shvets


  • 10 years experience in Financial Management.
  • Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Risc Management, Financial Planning.
  • Experience in: Agile PM (adaptive Scrum)
Natalia Sleptov - CPO / CMO at Langly INC
Natalia Sleptov


  • Product Management Certified specialist. Berkeley USA.
  • 8+ years experience in Marketing and Brand Management.
  • Experience in: FMCG, telecommunications, global trade companies, IT technologies.
Evghenii Rogovets - CTO at Langly INC
Evghenii Rogovets


  • 12 years in IT, 5 years in position of CTO.
  • 5 years of experience in managing and coordinating. activities of software architects, engineers, QA and DevOps teams.
  • Experience in: Agile PM (adaptive Scrum), CI & CD, Tests (Unit, UI, R&A), ML and BigData.

Want to be on our team?

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