The main technological trends of 2023 by Trend Hunter

The main technological trends of 2023 by Trend Hunter

In this article we will talk about the main trends in the field of technology of 2023, that the Trend Hunter community has traditionally prepared.

Competitiveness and flexibility are important qualities that determine business success, and in order to get them, you need to be aware of current trends in the industry. This is facilitated by the Trend Hunter community, which tracks trends and innovations through AI, big data, and human researchers.

This year the community has traditionally prepared a review of the most significant trends in various fields. In this article we will talk about the main trends in the field of technology of 2023.

Parenting app
Applications have become an integral part of everyday life: they simplify the receiving of banking services and allow you to manage home devices. Consumers now are ready to use them in other areas, including the upbringing of children and the control of their psychological health.
Applications that help to raise children at all the stages of their development are gaining popularity. They simplify many aspects of life, from planning time to monitoring the psychological health of children.

Metaverse education
The metaverse develops, brands and institutions create spaces in it for customer learning.
In the last few years, virtual learning has become more popular, not only because of the pandemic but also because of its greater accessibility, regardless of geographical and financial location. The metaverse offers consumers an even more immersive way to obtain education.

The main technological trends of 2023 by Trend Hunter

Education in the field of Web3
Web3 technology is gradually spreading, and some brands have decided to educate children on this issue. Programs and products in this field cover various aspects, from family NFT marketplaces to platforms where you can learn to create metaverses.
Increasing literacy in new technologies is important for people of all ages, but especially for the younger generation. It will grow in a world where these technologies are widespread, not only developing.

Confidential Browsers
Consumers and governments are paying increasing attention to online privacy. For this reason, browsers seek to protect consumer data.

Guide application
The restrictions imposed during the pandemic are gradually becoming a thing of the past. This makes travel and entertainment apps the norm. They help explore the world by reducing contact with tourist groups, which is important because health risks still persist.
Consumers have become more likely to travel due to vaccination and lifting restrictions. Nevertheless, they continue to adhere to pandemic-related habits, for example, by choosing online alternatives to certain activities. The tourism and hotel industry is adapting to these needs through applications.

Park technology
As the digital world becomes more accessible, amusement parks in North America are trying to diversify customer experience with applications. These services provide additional information to make the visit more interactive.
Consumers are used to interacting with content and various activities via smartphones. They expect the offline experience to be complemented by digital components, and that encourages companies to offer them such entertainment.

Tech trends 2023

Technological solutions for safe delivery
The e-commerce industry strives to ensure efficient and transparent delivery of goods through smart packaging solutions such as temperature control boxes and QR codes.
Consumers have become more likely to purchase goods online and are waiting for an experience similar to offline purchases. The growth of the e-commerce industry encourages brands to prioritize efficiency, transparency and inclusion to meet customer needs.

NFT token lease
Brands create NFT and platforms that allow consumers to lease digital assets (usually game avatars) and then return them.
NFT expands the range of offers, and brands and users try to maintain the relevance of digital assets that survived the boom in popularity this year.

Blockchain based gifts
More and more brands offer cryptocurrency-based gifts: from NFT certificates to the ability to donate cryptocurrencies without commission in apps.
As companies find new ways to use blockchain, cryptocurrencies become more accessible to ordinary consumers. This technology is gradually being adopted in society and users are seeking to implement it in order to conduct secure transactions.

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