Easy as Idioms: Simple and Fun English Expressions to Boost Your Vocabulary

"Easy as idioms" are phrases that compare the simplicity of a task to a well-known and uncomplicated action. These idioms are fun, colorful, and can enhance your English vocabulary. In this article, we'll explore eight "easy as idioms" along with their meanings, examples, notes, and more.

"Easy as Idioms" in English:

“Easy as pie”

Meaning: Very simple and effortless.
Example: Solving that puzzle was easy as pie for her.

“Easy as ABC”

Meaning: Extremely simple or basic.
Example: Learning to ride a bike was as easy as ABC for him.

“Easy as falling off a log”

Meaning: Extremely easy or straightforward.
Example: The math problem was as easy as falling off a log.

“Easy as shooting fish in a barrel”

Meaning: A task or goal that is very easy to achieve.
Example: Winning that game was like shooting fish in a barrel.

“Easy as taking candy from a baby”

Meaning: An action that is effortlessly accomplished.
Example: Convincing him to buy the car was as easy as taking candy from a baby.

“Easy as rolling off a log”

Meaning: Very easy, requiring little to no effort.
Example: She found the test as easy as rolling off a log.

“Easy as duck soup”

Meaning: Something that is very simple to do or understand.
Example: Fixing that computer issue was as easy as duck soup for her.

“Easy as one-two-three”

Meaning: Something that can be done quickly and effortlessly.
Example: Following the recipe was as easy as one-two-three.


These idioms are often used to describe a task that requires little to no effort or skill.
They can be used in both spoken and written English.

Questions and Answers:

Q: Are these idioms commonly used in everyday conversations?
A: Yes, they are quite common in casual conversations and can be used to make your speech more colorful and engaging.

Interesting quotes:

"Life is as easy as you make it." - John Lennon

"Success is as easy as deciding what you want, and then paying the price to get it." - Tony Robbins


"Easy as idioms" are a fun and engaging way to express the simplicity of a task or action. By incorporating these expressions into your everyday conversations, you can enhance your English vocabulary and make your speech more vibrant and interesting.

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