Good news: Langly Inc. was sponsored by "Microsoft for Startups" with $150K

Langly Inc. was sponsored by "Microsoft for Startups" with $150K

Our team is very proud that our 2 year partnership with Microsoft for Startups has been developing in a successful and active way.

Langly Inc is an innovative startup company and its major priority at the moment is Langly App - a qualitative Ed Tech application that helps study English on the basis of the official Oxford English learning course.
It connects education and gameplay, which changes the entire perception of studying, so users learn English through storytelling and captivating games. Langly App is steadily growing and is entering new markets. We plan to continue this way forward and to delight our users with new features and learning experience.

We are happy to share with you that our startup company has recently been sponsored by Microsoft with $150K for such services as Active Directory, Azure - AI, Azure - Data (SQL, Power BI, Data Services), and Azure - Blockchain. Langly Inc will use Bot Development, Business Intelligence, Cloud Storage, and Conversational Computing/AI in order to reach a wide-scale audience in a short time with built in redundancy and security. 

“We’re honored to be among such a select group of companies from around the world chosen to join the Microsoft for Startups program, and we plan to leverage this amazing opportunity to its fullest,” said Vitalii Petrosyan, CEO of Langly. "Our participation in the program will help implement AI solutions and start expansion in the B2B direction. Thank you for the trust and we can assure that this investment will be distributed efficiently."

Langly Inc., as a startup company, is open for investment and collaboration.
If you are interested in any cooperation, kindly contact us on or

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